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Mood: Dunno xD
Listening to: Hmm... Kanon Wakeshima?
Watching: Seannaners and Birgirpall videos.
Playing: League of Legends.
Eating: Croissants.
Drinking: Urine... Ok jk, Orange Juice.

Hmm... Okay, what can I say? It's kinda hard tell my story in DA when I'm trying to talk Engrish, but I will do my best since Internet is my best teacher in the world (?). Before I could get started to create an DA account I was just... A NEET (and I'm still being a NEET), yeah, also, such a distant person who doesn't talk too much with other people, trying to be nice with someone but other times I'm just a jerk with a childish personality and doesn't help anyone when they need it. Yeah, such a pathetic person I know, but anyway...

Since the day when I get the 3DCG, I started to make a lot of noob things with this game, also, I started to do my fetish stuff with Touhou Characters (Still have first poses that I made). Since then I have a lot issues with the game, such as I don't even know how to move my character in other directions, or how to make my own poses, make heavysaves, etc. I wanted to make more but this time with some characters of my creation, so I started to search mods, including the RJ's (Those mods that you must paid for it). During my time with the game, I started to make galleries of Sleeping Girls because, I want to make my own F#~@|!€%p... Yeah... Sorry if I don't tell the name of that thing, but, if you know, good for you. So when I started with the first gallery was with Shinobu Inoue, the one of this picture.
Fetishes on the Train 09 by AB-Spinoff

Yeah... It was one of my first projects of Foot Fetishes with Shinobu before I get registered on DA, being one of my favourites girls of my creations, but then there was more... Since I get a lot of mods, I was creating more galleries like a KO fights between Kirino and Sena (Such a bad gallery xD... But still like it), a gallery of Youmu and Reisen, all of that until... I created Nachi and Akane, the main characters that they will be the mascot of this account (Except the fact that Natsumi was supposed to be a boy but you know... male mods looks more like shotas and stuff).
The first Day on DeviantART With Nachi and Akane by AB-Spinoff

.nd some time later during some posts on a 3DCG website on Facebook... I discover the DA (Well, I discovered long time ago xD), making the same stuff! I mean, woah, in DA can make 3DCG? I didn't know it since the day when I make my first step discovering "Canvas of Life" in Facebook. You know, the comic made it by :iconchutonon: (RIP his account...), so thanks to him, if I remember clearly, I introduce myself on DA, being a nobody who wants to upload something... But containing about my fetishes because... Well. I was embarrased... And scared of being judged by the people who watch my deviations, calling me weirdo or stuff like that. So my first pictures was the "Aoyama Sisters" narrated in Spanish and incomplete... (Yeah, it was been a year since then, but oh well, normally I used to leave my works like this... And this is no good for me I know).
Aoyama Sisters: Portada de inicio. by AB-Spinoff

Well, even if they are shoeless, I didn't want to produce some kind of signals that I making some foot fetishes, but since I only upload 12 pictures... Then I started to make more pictures about Akane and Nachi and some miscelaneous pictures, and then my other OC's are born, like Natsu, Haruna, Haruhi, etc, those characters are my Canon characters, so I don't have any plans to do that kind of fetishes with my Canon characters, even if one of them is a uncontrolable Foot Fetishist xD. Those characters are always in my mind, making a lot of stories of them, most of the time Haruna was supposed to be the Main Character of those stories but, since I'm using Natsumi and Akane in DA, she will look like a Secondary Character. My first storyline wasn't too succesful, for being honest, it wasn't too interesting like the other stories of "Canvas of Life" or :iconredfalcon23: stories. So I made my next step... Uploading my first gallery of Foot Fetish in DA, being Shinobu the star of my creation... I think.

-One night in a Hotel with Watanuki-
One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 08 by AB-Spinoff One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 12 by AB-Spinoff One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 15 by AB-Spinoff One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 31 by AB-Spinoff One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 36 by AB-Spinoff One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 45 by AB-Spinoff One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 40 by AB-Spinoff One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 46 by AB-Spinoff One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 56 by AB-Spinoff One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 58 by AB-Spinoff

One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 38 by AB-Spinoff <---- Most Popular Picture.
One night in a Hotel with Watanuki 52 by AB-Spinoff<---- Favourite Picture.

For some reason this is was one of my successful gallery of my DA. I don't know how but it was more popular than my normal pictures for some reason xD! Yeah... During the time a made a lot of stuff with the DA, meeting new people who inspires me and supported me, it kinda reminds me the days when I was on YT... Making not so good videos until the day when my inspiration was gone. Since that time in DA, the reason of why I'm still here is because I watch and meet people like :iconredfalcon23:, :iconchutonon:, :iconmalfeet:, :iconkalindorf:, :iconandrseto:, :iconticklemaster187:, :iconphanphanbluemoon:, :iconlastwolf333: and a lot of users of DA that I know. They inspires me and supporting me, I must be grateful for this 1 year and half. But even that, I'm still being such a distant person who doesn't interact too much with the people, but still, want to say thank you to all of you, because without you people, who knows what I'm doing in DA? xD! Also, Congratulations DA for your 14th Anniversary. Keep growing!

Now that you know my story, I'm going to practice some English grammar (?).


AB-Spinoff's Profile Picture
Por ahora no tengo nada que escribir por el momento

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When my character is bored he sneaks under tables removing any girls shoes, boots or sandals and tickle their barefoot, thighhighs, socks, stockings or pantyhose feet and when they said uncle my character  put their shoes back on their feet and quickly disappeared.
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