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Aria Death Squad by AB-Spinoff
Aria Death Squad
And old picture, of Aria and her most Elite Squad of the Police Department of Roukendo, the Death Squad. A few group of skillful and talented men and women under the orders of the Chief Police Aria in order to protect the city and taking the most dangerous tasks around the the whole Six Territories of the whole place.

Radio: Alpha Team here, We're surrounded by a whole army of Robots, we need help immediately! Repeat, we need help immediately!

Aria: Copy that. Alright, we need to move faster! Yasu! Head on the NW where the Alpha Team is, move move!

Yasu: Roger.

Aria: Mikawa, Go to the HQ to gave the order to attack their territory, I'll stay here with Team Charlie.

Mikawa: Are you sure.

Aria: I'll be fine, don't question my Skills, I'm not the Chief just for take a seat and give you orders like a lazy old hag, NOW MOVE ALREADY!! WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME!
Nanatsuki vs Dragon 05 by AB-Spinoff
Nanatsuki vs Dragon 05
Part 5 of 5

Hours later Nanatsuki brings the Dragon to the Shrine and ends laying down on the floor. 

Nanatsuki: Phew~! I'm so hungry right now~...

????: Oe Nana, have you seen- what the heck?! What in the world is this?!

Nanatsuki: Isn't obvious? Is a Dragon.

????: I know what it is... What I mean is why the heck there's a Dragon in the Shrine!

Nanatsuki: Hmm... I want to keep it as my pet... I think?

????: You've got 1 minute to get that Dragon out of the Shrine.

Nanatsuki: Eeeh~? But I'm tired~! And also I'm so hungry~. . . 

????: Stop acting like a child and get rid of this damn Dragon far away of the Shrine! 

Nanatsuki: *Sigh* . . . You're so grumpy...

????: Huh?

Nanatsuki: Fine~! Just give a second.
Nanatsuki vs Dragon 04 by AB-Spinoff
Nanatsuki vs Dragon 04
Part 4 to 5

Nanatsuki hits the dragon with her left hand instead of the right hand, knock him out with a monstruous force.

Nanatsuki: Palm of the Great Mountain! 
Nanatsuki vs Dragon 03 by AB-Spinoff
Nanatsuki vs Dragon 03
Part 3 of 5

The hostility of the Dragon was too high that he starts to attack Nanatsuki with hatred, but she was ready for this situation.


Nanatsuki: Too excited for a fight huh? Ok then, let's do this in your way.
Nanatsuki vs Dragon 02 by AB-Spinoff
Nanatsuki vs Dragon 02
Part 2 of 5

Nanatsuki: How should we start this? 

Dragon: Grrr.... 
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-You want some 3DCG pictures? Well, this is your place.

-Also, you can check it out my second account here: :iconsleeperholger: To see some of my foot fetish pictures. (Well, you can see some here too but I will not make those stuff anymore in this account... Well, maybe in some rare cases).

Since I'm on :iconsleeperholger: account, I'm just not gonna submit anything here for... Well, I dunno the reason really, Maybe because I want to spend more time with the other account that I leave it alone for a long time while I was uploading a lot pictures in this one. Also... Well... Also I don't feel really inspired to do some 3DCG with the OC's of this account, I feel more like I want to do a lot of projects with the other account and now, I feel like I forgot an important project that I want to do in this one. 

Well, there's nothing more to say, just that... Yeah, nothing important to say about it... lel. 


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