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The actual present: Kiri-Haru Yui and Haku by AB-Spinoff
The actual present: Kiri-Haru Yui and Haku
After what have they done in their past, Yui and Haru are trying to surpass their past and keep foward to live a normal life, no matter how tough were their lives, they want to redeem themselves for what they done in the past, trying to live a peaceful life in Roukendo.

Yui: Take this! Hunya! Nice try but it won't work again! 

Kiri-Haru: Hey... We're trying to work here so knock it off and help me with the exams.

Yui: Just wait a minute please, I'm kinda busy here! Since in Detention class they don't let me finish the boss stage... GYAH!

Kiri-Haru: Seriously... You shouldn't bring that thing in the school.

Yui: Don't worry, I'm a teacher after all! 

Kiri-Haru: Don't abuse of your authority if don't want to loose your job... Just help me with the damn exams would'ya?

Yui: Fine fine... 30 seconds more?

Kiri-Haru: *sigh*

Haku (Thinking): My my, those two... I'm glad to see those two getting along so well... It's a long time since that incident... Now it's part of the past. 
The unknown past: Yui.
About this one, Yui's past is already developed... Well, most of it. But I didn't show it yet, like other OC's that I put here. Her past is also sad and dark, just like Kiri-Haru, the diference is Yui's past is inspired by my depressing thoughts of the world when I'm always sad, meditative or really... Really depressed. Yui wasn't a cheerful and innocent girl before, which that part of the past was really dificult to develop, of how Yui became in a cheerful, innocent and kind girl with a childish personality. 

But, what you see right now is part of the past of the "Innocent" Yui when she tries to start a new life but it fails when she ended like this.

"Yui was with Haku after the incident that she cause it, the police and medics were inside of the classroom trying to care the students of inside, they can't believe what they saw out there, meanwhile Yui was in shock, looking at her hands stained with the blood of her students, shedding her tears and trying to put an smile in the face".

Haku: Yui, what's going on? What happen over there?!

Yui: I... I... Punish... Every one of them... But... Don't... D-don't worry... They are fine...

Haku: What...? What are you talk-!

Voice 01: What in the world happen here?! There's guts everywhere!! The hagging bodies are still moving, and the impaled ones too!! What kind of hell is this?!

Voice 02: Control yourself Tanaka! It's hard to believe but they still alive!

Voice 01: But how?! One does not simply stay alive with fatal wounds like this!! 

Voices 02: It doesn't matter now! What it manners is to take care of this students and save their lives!! We leave the rest to the Medic team of the North. So move on!

Voices: Yes sir! 

Yui: See...? There's... There's nothing to worry about it... Hehe... Ehehehe....

Haku: Don't tell me... Yui... Are you...?
The unknown past: Kiri-Haru
Long time ago since I create Kiri-Haru, her past was unknown, the only thing what I made that in her past, her previous home was devastated by an evil force. But now, I start to develop more her past and, as you can see, her past wasn't a good one but one of the darkest stories that I made with my OC's since then. Kiri-Haru wasn't a "nice person" at all, in the past that I developing right now she's being called a murderer. More info... When I have the clear ideas.

Normally AB series is not a dark world where everyone has a tragic end and stuff, the AB series are more like a Shonen stuff with comedy and a lot of stuff (Or that's what am I trying to do), but some characters that I made has a dark past. In this one, I must confess that Drakengard inspired me to develop her past... So until now, her might be one of the saddest that I made until now... Well, I think.

"Kiri Haru lays down on the trash with several wounds on her body and bloodstained with the blood of her last victim... The only thing what she can do was holding her cigarette with her mouth, trying to smoke while she was looking at nowhere with her empty eyes, thinking in nothing but in her past before she started all of this".
Natsumi - Present by AB-Spinoff
Natsumi - Present
After his training ended, he came back to Roukendo and he realised, that the ones who loves are strong enough to handle their own problems, so they don't need his strength and he starts to question himself of if what he did was worth it. But now, Natsumi is constantly challenged by other people, even Akane and Haruna challenges him for a combat that at the end, he ends winning most of the times... Now, he lives "peacefully" adapting with his new body because he lost against Akane once by an unexpected attack, now, he must live like this in a undefined time until he needs to challenge her again to gain his body back. (Or that's part of the Spinoff because... Well, nevermind)

Haruna: So, what do you think Onii-chan?

Natsumi: Hmm... I don't know, I'm not used to wear an skirt, it feels weird wearing it... 

 *Natsumi raise a little bit his skirt exposing his panties but for his fortune, no one except Haruna was looking*

Natsumi: Do you have some jeans that you can borrow? My actual clothes doesn't fit with my body.

Haruna: Maybe... Maybe we should buy some clothes for you and... Onii-chan...

Natsumi: Hmm?

Haruna: Can you just...? Not raise your skirt like that? It's really annoying when you do that... And wear some bras!

Natsumi: Eh? That things too? I don't know-.

Haruna: Just wear it!
Natsumi - Past days by AB-Spinoff
Natsumi - Past days
Man, it's been a looong time since I didn't upload anything on this account because... Well, I spend more time on :iconsleeperholger: than this account (I feel like I said this before). Somehow, I feel like I abandoned this place, so maybe I should consider to put some activities on this place more often so I could get some balance of my activities of both accounts. So, back to the picture, since I get some good mods in order to get the mod that I want, I feel like I want to do some pictures with my Oc's starting with Natsumi.

Time ago, before Natsumi became the person that he is now, Natsumi was a man who gives everything for the ones who loves and cares, doing even the impossible to protect them from danger. He doesn't have powers or magic like those super-heroes who can save the world, but what he gain after 1 year of training, is the strength and determination to protect the ones who loves.

Natsumi: Haruna... Akane... I wonder, what are they doing without me...?
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-You want some 3DCG pictures? Well, this is your place.

-Also, you can check it out my second account here: :iconsleeperholger: To see some of my foot fetish pictures. (Well, you can see some here too but I will not make those stuff anymore in this account... Well, maybe in some rare cases).

Since I'm on :iconsleeperholger: account, I'm just not gonna submit anything here for... Well, I dunno the reason really, Maybe because I want to spend more time with the other account that I leave it alone for a long time while I was uploading a lot pictures in this one. Also... Well... Also I don't feel really inspired to do some 3DCG with the OC's of this account, I feel more like I want to do a lot of projects with the other account and now, I feel like I forgot an important project that I want to do in this one. 

Well, there's nothing more to say, just that... Yeah, nothing important to say about it... lel. 


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