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You did what you could by AB-Spinoff
You did what you could
After the Winter Event of the game Kancolle ended, this is the result.

Haruhi: How long are you gonna stay in bed? 

Akane: Shut up...  I'm not in the mood to do anything...

Haruhi: I see. So you fail at the event and for your recklessness you lost one ship right? 

Akane: Don't read my memories would'ya...? Just leave me alone. 

Haruhi: Ok, I'm just here to say that we are celebrating a cake contest on the hostel and we need judges. It's a shame that you're not avai-.

Akane: Give me 3 minutes.

Haruhi: . . . Khorosho.

Well, at least she's not depressed anymore.
I've got my priorities! by AB-Spinoff
I've got my priorities!
Well, this picture is more or less kind of an advice. Now, I'm really desperate to play Kantai Collection for the Winter Event trying to get one of the New Kanmusu that they put over there. What I'm trying to say? Well, for now I'm not gonna upload or work in any deviation here or in :iconsleeperholger:  until I get the new Ship Girl or until the event ends, it will be more easy to put this info on a Journal but... Well, I'm too lazy now to write another Journal xD. Go back into the picture you can see Akane busy playing with the laptop while Natsumi was trying to convince to go back to the work, the result was too many kicks on Natsumi's face...

Akane: I said no!

Natsumi: We need to work you know...?

Akane: Then do it yourself! Isn't you business after all?!
Oh? Shimakaze and Natsumi by AB-Spinoff
Oh? Shimakaze and Natsumi
Another picture of  Shimakaze being carried by Natsumi... I was really excited to use this mod so badly that I dedicate this pictures for this mod. Chances like this doesn't happen all the day, I feel so lucky right now.

Shimakaze is a character from the popular game and anime Kantai Collection.
Akane finally found Shimakaze. by AB-Spinoff
Akane finally found Shimakaze.
At this day... Finally I can get this mod! I was searching for this mod too long! AVI's Mods aren't easy to find so, Thank you... THANK YOU Hongfire users! 

Akane: Finally... It was for too long but... At the end... I was able to find you... I... I... 

Shimakaze: Hello! Oh? What's wrong? Are you crying?

Akane: No... It's... just... just...

Natsumi: You're not going to take her home right?

Akane: . . . Do your best... Nachi.

Natsumi: I knew that something like this could happen...

Shimakaze is a character from the popular Game and Anime Kantai Collection. 
Give me that money by AB-Spinoff
Give me that money
This is what happens when someones offers a large sum of money to her. 
Mood: Happy I guess. :happybounce:
Listening to: Animes Openings, Endings and Soundtracks.
Watching: I can't see nothing... ElEspurr
Playing: Artificial Academy
Eating: SkyFlakes
Drinking: Nesquick

-You want some 3DCG pictures? Well, this is your place.

-Also, you can check it out my second account here: :iconsleeperholger: To see some of my foot fetish pictures. (Well, you can see some here too but I will not make those stuff anymore in this account... Well, maybe in some rare cases).

So? 2 Years now huh? Maaaaan I never thought that I could get that far, but anyway most of the time I didn't do almost nothing, just, uploading a few pics and make my laziness even more bigger than now, when that happens, I feel sorry for not accomplish my pruposes. Now it's time to get 3 in a row, so for now this journal is for celebrate my 2nd Year on DeviantArt, also, to put some news while I'm on my vacations on the philippines, good news, is I'm gonna still uploading (Not so new but ok) some pictures even with a bad internet connection. And well, the bad news are... I can't upload a large number of pictures because of that previous reason, so all the projects, long stories, etc, it's gonna wait a long time until April when probably I will upload all my projects if I finish one. This is a sample one for my project "The Heroine of the Cherry Blossom" (Maybe Spoiler?)

Well, but for now let's leave it like this, Instead of being busy on this account, I will take more time to my second account :iconsleeperholger: since I can't upload a large project like the picture of this Journal, so be patient to read my boring and uninteresting stories until April arrives. So take care and... Thank you... Thank you for follow me until now, I feel very grateful for that, even for a lazy and pesimist person like me xD. And I don't what can I say more, I can only say, thank you and well, until we meet again to make more pictures for you people, and for me too xD.


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Por ahora no tengo nada que escribir por el momento

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Ostras! Muchas gracias colega! Y... Feliz San Valentin, casi estamos a ese día!
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