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FINALLY ENDED!! Now... I need to recover my sanity before I go full crazy (?)
Special Neo-Japan: The Clone sisters END by AB-Spinoff
Special Neo-Japan: The Clone sisters END
Sachiko (Narrator): My sisters... Our bonds... Our lives... Our Happiness... No matter what, I'm want to protect them!


So... This is the end of the special, too much improvising but well, it's kinda cheesy though so I give an apologize for that xD. So... What are these clones?

Long time ago, I wanted to do some kind of OC's introducing in the world of Red's universe... Or something, since a lot of their buddies are included there so... Why not? It reminds me a lot to the RP forums and stuff xD. The thing is I was trying to make some kind of dark story but in reality is a fanfic related from Neo-Japan stories but, making this special debut, this could be the "Actual" or "Alternate" version of that story and... The clonation process... Well... It's inspired or based on Metal Gear stuff, but before that, I was trying to basing of Drakengard 3 "Clonation" stuff... Which is kinda more... Creepy... I think xD. But well, to be honest the Clone sisters are really inspired from that game so maybe that will explain a lot of things... Maybe not.

On the other hand, I didn't accomplish much since the time run out and I was just being lazy or simply I couldn't find any inspiration while i was doing the scripts but, I really wanted to give this set of pictures to :iconredfalcon23: for his Birthday. Compared to other things that I made... This freaking present is a huge one, but nothing compare to his other friends and bros who give their best to give him a decent present (and when I say "Present" I meant gift! Capisci? . . . Ok no xD). Anyway, I hope you like this light version of The Clones rather than the previous project, you can decided if this story is gonna be canon (But it seems like you already did xD), aaaaand... Maybe it's a little bit late but... Happy B-day man.
Special Neo-Japan: The Clone sisters 113 by AB-Spinoff
Special Neo-Japan: The Clone sisters 113
Sachiko (Narrator): Even if I'm not the ideal big sister that they want me to be...

Sachiko: Ok sis! Let's go back!
Special Neo-Japan: The Clone sisters 112 by AB-Spinoff
Special Neo-Japan: The Clone sisters 112
Sachiko (Narrator): Maybe... I not stronger, or smarter... Or even perfect but, if I can bring happiness to my sisters, then that's more than enough for me... 
Special Neo-Japan: The Clone sisters 111 by AB-Spinoff
Special Neo-Japan: The Clone sisters 111
Sachiko (Narrator): That time when my Sister Mifune told me those things I realize how wrong I was...
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-You want some 3DCG pictures? Well, this is your place.

-Also, you can check it out my second account here: :iconsleeperholger: To see some of my foot fetish pictures. (Well, you can see some here too but I will not make those stuff anymore in this account... Well, maybe in some rare cases).

Since I'm on :iconsleeperholger: account, I'm just not gonna submit anything here for... Well, I dunno the reason really, Maybe because I want to spend more time with the other account that I leave it alone for a long time while I was uploading a lot pictures in this one. Also... Well... Also I don't feel really inspired to do some 3DCG with the OC's of this account, I feel more like I want to do a lot of projects with the other account and now, I feel like I forgot an important project that I want to do in this one. 

Well, there's nothing more to say, just that... Yeah, nothing important to say about it... lel. 


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