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The justice of Roukendo 12 END by AB-Spinoff
The justice of Roukendo 12 END
Aria (Narrator): Everytime when she mess with the police force and do whatever she wants like stealing things, kidnaping girls, destroying buildings and monuments, go against the authority... I start to reconsider my thoughts and say... That there must be a mistake in all of this...

Meanwhile there was a conference between Aria and Akane.

Reporter 01: Excuse me Ms. Akane! People are starting to praise you and thinking that you are the Heroine of this City, what do you think about it?

Akane: Me as a Heroine? Nah, that's too much work to do. Besides people of Roukendo can defend themselves from any danger is it?

Reporter 02: Ms. Akane! Since the day you came, Criminality has lowered by an 95%! Is there an possibility to erradicate the crime in Roukendo?

Akane: Eh? Uhm... Dunno. If that happens that could be bad for the police business right?

Reporter 02: Maybe you're right but-!

Reporter 03: I heard rumors that in a near future you will become part of the police force, is that true? What do you think Ms. Aria?

Aria: . . . No comments...

Akane: Me? Working with her? You're joking right? I prefer mess up with her justice system rather than work with her... Man~! She must be a pain in the butt be a police woman, working all the time, doing boring stuff and being scolded by someone who's not even stronger than I am, not the best job that they can offer. Nah, I prefer being a pseudo-criminal who works in Nachi's business, serving food, making massages, and kick some butts to the clients who mess up with our business, that and etc etc etc etc and to much bla bla bla. Next?

Aria (Narrator): I simply... Can't stand her! If I get the chance...!

The justice of Roukendo 11 by AB-Spinoff
The justice of Roukendo 11
Aria (Narrator): I don't know what is the President was thinking when he puts those terms but... The only I can do is follow those terms and catch the Red Rabbit when I have the chance to do it... Thinking about it, when he put these terms it looks like he was making some kind of "Game" for her, but thanks to that system, the criminality of the city has surprisingly lowered. I start to think, that the President has made a great move to end the crime of this city... But on the other side...
The justice of Roukendo 10 by AB-Spinoff
The justice of Roukendo 10
Aria (Narrator): I don't know what is this girl thinking, she doesn't just make our live impossible during the job, criminals and some civilians are victims from the Red Rabbit, no matter what she always gets her way to escape and do whatever she wants. Even once, she tried to attack the President once... I don't know if she has guts... Or she's just simply stupid.

Akane: Hello Mr.President~! Do you have some time for me?

President: In fact, I was waiting for you. You came on the right time.

Akane: Really? Man that's really cool!

Aria: Put the gun down... Now! 

Akane: Darling, you're not in position to say that kind of things when I'm aiming your leader with this toy in his head.

Aria: If you dare... To pull that trigger-!

Akane: Do you think you can stop me with just putting a bullet on my head?

Aria: Heh...! I could give it a try...!

President: Aria, stop. Put your gun down. I need to talk with this girl for a moment.

Aria: B-but! Mr. President! Do you have any idea of what've she done to this city?! 

President: Yes, I'm aware of it. So please Aria... The last thing that I want in my office is problems.

Aria: . . . Tch! 

President: *Sigh* . . . Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Akane: Nah, it's ok, no hard feelings.

Aria (Narrator): And so... The President started to negociate with the most dangerous criminal of Roukendo, making some conditions and terms to leave her alone and arrest her when we've got a chance. The good thing is, we can arrest her, whenever she cause some chaos again. The bad thing is... We've got some limits for example... We can't arrest her when she's in her "Safe Point" or if she's out of the line, which means, we can't arrest her when she's inside of her house or if she's out of the city. If we break these rules, the President will interfere to set her free again and do whatever she wants. The worst thing is... If she do the two things that I mentioned before, we can't touch her unless she commits some disturbance again. That's are the terms.
The justice of Roukendo 09 by AB-Spinoff
The justice of Roukendo 09
Aria (Narrator): For being such a brat, she's a really powerful girl, with her powers she's able to destroy an entire army with just one shot, no matter how talented or strong are my men, they are no match for her.

Akane: Do they really think that they can stop me with these cheap toys? Man this is boring. Well, at least I've got my reward there! But I need to focus on my escape first.
The justice of Roukendo 08 by AB-Spinoff
The justice of Roukendo 08
Aria (Narrator): The name of this girl was... The Red Rabbit... Akane Akai!

Akane: Aloha~! Do you have some candy?
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-Also, you can check it out my second account here: :iconsleeperholger: To see some of my foot fetish pictures. (Well, you can see some here too but I will not make those stuff anymore in this account... Well, maybe in some rare cases).

So? 2 Years now huh? Maaaaan I never thought that I could get that far, but anyway most of the time I didn't do almost nothing, just, uploading a few pics and make my laziness even more bigger than now, when that happens, I feel sorry for not accomplish my pruposes. Now it's time to get 3 in a row, so for now this journal is for celebrate my 2nd Year on DeviantArt, also, to put some news while I'm on my vacations on the philippines, good news, is I'm gonna still uploading (Not so new but ok) some pictures even with a bad internet connection. And well, the bad news are... I can't upload a large number of pictures because of that previous reason, so all the projects, long stories, etc, it's gonna wait a long time until April when probably I will upload all my projects if I finish one. This is a sample one for my project "The Heroine of the Cherry Blossom" (Maybe Spoiler?)

Well, but for now let's leave it like this, Instead of being busy on this account, I will take more time to my second account :iconsleeperholger: since I can't upload a large project like the picture of this Journal, so be patient to read my boring and uninteresting stories until April arrives. So take care and... Thank you... Thank you for follow me until now, I feel very grateful for that, even for a lazy and pesimist person like me xD. And I don't what can I say more, I can only say, thank you and well, until we meet again to make more pictures for you people, and for me too xD.


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